I have an extra O2 Universal Clamshell PDA Phone, its in great condition but has become unnecessary for me to keep.

Willing to trade it for either a N810 Nokia or SL-3100 [SL-3200] in nice condition too. The phones unlocked and works
on all gsm networks. Can post or pm pictures of it. I am willing to flash it too either factory, a version of WM 6, 6.1 or
for the daring WM 6.5

Comes with power cable, stylus, case, battery {cover too} and sync cable. Will toss a 2gb sd card in it too. All versions
of WM after 6.0 do support SDHC cards and the unit has been tested with up too a 16GB SDHC card in it.

PM me if interested with an offer.