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Full Version: forum with netfront
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while browsing the forum with netfront on a C860 I noticed that for some threats I can only access the first messages. With firefox on a gentoo laptop I see then, that the threat is much longer....
Does anyone else have this problem? If this is the case then this forum really should be optimized for being browsed with a Zaurus, don't you think?
I too noticed this issue just about a week or so back... it seems that when I click a link (either the little icon to take you to the last thread, or the thread name link) it seems to load the first message in the thread, but not all the rest. If I click the refresh button, it will refresh the whole thread always, but this is definitely annoying.

Is this the same issue you're speaking of? Also, I haven't had this issue with Opera 6 or 7.
I had this problem with netfront too... refreshing didn't help me any though. I ended up using Opera to visit the zug forums on my Z.
Same here, and refresh does work for me.
Refreshing works! Thanks :-)
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