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Full Version: Netbooks And Ubuntu Making Me Lazy! :p
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Just popping in to see if there is anything new. Hope everyone is alive and kickin! biggrin.gif

After reading through the threads, esp the one on Zubuntu, I realised how lazy I've become!
Ever since I started using Ubuntu on my main notebook, I learn to take for granted the ease of use of Ubuntu and forget how hard it was to get my Zaurii (sl5500 and c1000) to work exactly the way I want it to.

Now with a netbook running Jaunty, it almost seem ridiculous to me to have to follow any precise steps in installing Ubuntu. Until I read the Zubuntu thread. wink.gif

I'm not complaining abt Zubuntu ... I have it (half) working on my c1000 but it's been months since I use it. I'm complaining about myself ... ... taking a back seat and not really willing to try out the latest greatest OS. Why, I even thought of restoring my c1000 back to Cacko just so that I know everything that was working would work as it did.

I only stopped because I was too lazy to even do that.

I blame it on the ease of use of Ubuntu!! laugh.gif ph34r.gif tongue.gif
Oh no, cacko again?

I just escaped from that soft hole. Old versions, packages are not always easy to find if even possible.
Cacko is great but soooo old.

Zubuntu with kdrive has some drawbacks but selection of available software fulfills those to the level of cacko and maybe even better.

My unsolved problems so far with zubuntu:
-jumping cursor through touchscreen
-problem with not rotated mouse
-strangely working tskeys (space under it is considered as visible, or at least it behaves so)
-lxterminal is not maximized properly at start
-high cpu usage after resume

Other zaurus specific problems are gone. Yesterday I've spent 3 hours playing stella. Zstella for cacko never worked in my c1000 under cacko.
Even suspend works quite nice.
Now my Z has got new life.

But I agree that netbooks are superior to Z.
Prob for me is that I use my Z in a v specific setting:
1. Taking notes during my self-study and randomly throughout the day. In English and Chinese.
2. When I was crazy enough, I tried browsing the web and checking email on this fella, effectively sticking to the Z as my sole machine, without notebooks.
3. Listen to audio mp3 recordings.
4. PIM, esp appointments, timer and alarms

I got Cacko tuned to perfection for all these tasks, hence my resistance to using Zubuntu.

Of course, as I mentioned, worse problem right now is that I don't even use the Z daily ... sad.gif ... I use my phone for appts, timer and alarms and my netbook for the other functions.
Interesting thread. There is nothing wrong with being lazy - why would anybody seek to do more than they need to do? Cacko is a bit old and clunky but it still gets the job done. It is stable and has pretty much a full compliment of applications, particularly when configured with pocketworkstation and Meanie's XQt interface.

I guess that if you dont need a pocketable device then a netbook is going to win every time. Personally, I've been disappointed at how the netbook market has evolved. I bought an original eeePC and I was expecting future devices to become even smaller and cheaper, but what we are seeing is netbooks becoming more like regular laptops in size and cost. What I really want is the device that Psion would have made if they had kept on developing consumer hardware - good keyboard, large, clear screen, wireless, bluetooth, etc etc, but that fits into a jacket pocket.

The Z is still a very respectable bit of hardware but I do feel it has lost its way with so many fragmented and un-polished distros. I was impressed when I tested Zubuntu earlier this year, but it was not quite ready for daily use back then. Watching with interest.
QUOTE(Wildherb @ Aug 28 2009, 02:18 PM) *
I was impressed when I tested Zubuntu earlier this year, but it was not quite ready for daily use back then. Watching with interest.

I hope you like the next Zubuntu better, in my opinion it's more polished wink.gif
I'm also disappointed with how netbooks are going ... larger, bulkier + costlier ... the upside is that for those looking to get subnotebooks, they do not have to pay through their nose with Lenovo X series, Sony Vaio or Fujitsu subnotebooks, they can get a netbook and be quite ok with it.

If only netbooks evolve into the Psion devices ... seriously, thumbing on the device is really better when you consider how light and convenient they are! I have a couple of netbooks with me, and frankly, they cannot quite cut it, though the MSI wind that I have is quite sweet! wink.gif

Even the HandheldPCs, the HP Jornada 720 that I had was the largest handheld I think is suitable. If someone made a netbook in the size of the 720, it would be perfect! The keyboard was well designed and good enough for some touch typing (I have nimble fingers!!).

Now with the Nokia N900, I think I may let go of my Z SL5500 and akita later on. sad.gif But that is if I get the N900! tongue.gif

Meanwhile, time to junksale the netbooks!

I must say once more, why isn't any netbook makers making the psion form factor netbooks???
Likewise, my gadget drawer is getting a bit full and I agree, the N900 tablet looks to be very tempting! ;o)

Sharp must have been watching this thread and hurriedly given us exactly what we just asked for! Time to start looking for a UK importer. Cortez is talking about it on his blog.
My netbook is serving me well so far. Just restored my akita. Wondering what to do with it. Am using a 2nd hand 'smartphone' for PIM and notes.

Tempted with tablets ... where is gadget Nirvana??
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