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Full Version: Is Multibooting Zubuntu + Cacko Possible On C1000?
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Hi everyone!

1. Maybe a stupid question.....: Is it possible to multiboot and use Zubuntu and Cacko on a C1000? Or should I go for a C3100 or C3200 instead? In other words, do I need the additional harddrive, and if yes, is 4Gb enough for this purpose?

2. Does OpenOffice work on Zubuntu? I would need to create pdf files from texts. Or is there any other good software that can convert a text with pictures to pdf on the Zaurus (on Cacko 1.23 would be ideal if possible.?

I want to spend some more time with Zaurus again, but my only real experience so far was my C750, which I sold several months ago.

Thanks: Balazs
1. Yes, it is possible on the C1000. 4gb is enuff. SDHC *is* supported on c1000 with this kernel and OS. Amazing isn't it?

2. Yes, but seriously, on that small screen? Better off writing a draft and completing it on a notebook/netbook.

You can also consider the latest SHARP MID zaurus-replacement device. smile.gif
For the lack luster stats the MID from Sharp has and the size, just drop Fedora C11 on an Acer Onenote and off you go smile.gif But then neither is really pocketable like a true Z.

Btw Wally world sells the Onenotes for just over $250.00 US.
Thatī eatlcy why I still want a Zaurus instead of a netbook, which I already own (Asus EeePc 704 with Ubuntu on it). I just need something I can carry around, with PIM, email, Web, and some limited Office capability.

But maybe I just wait for the new "Zaurus" (Z-1) or I just stick with my 10 year old Psion5mx Pro tongue.gif
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