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Full Version: Zubuntu X11 Faster Over Ssh
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I'm struck by how much faster apps start and run while being using X11 forwarding through a ssh connection. The difference is almost nearly double the start time for local apps. Some things are even faster. Searching Synaptic over ssh, for example, is nearly instantaneous compared to running it local.

I'm concerned that I have something screwy with my local configuration that is slowing me down. Is it possible that the reduced load of not having to draw X windows is making a that much difference?
I believe the difference due to X11 drawing is possible. smile.gif
Considering that not all the Z has hardware graphics acceleration.
I'm experimenting with running a windows manager in xnest over ssh.

Xnest -geometry 800x600 :1 & DISPLAY=:1 ssh -Y -l root xx.xx.xx

I'm finding that once a WM is loaded, the remote and local speed is about the same . So I'm guessing the extra load of running the WM is what is causing the problem. The Z takes a pretty good performance hit, even w/light WMs like Fluxbox.
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