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Full Version: Extracted Cacko 1.23 Rootfs
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Hope this helps someone out there, Cacko 1.23 Rootfs.

Rootfs with the sharp kernel and modules from Katatrophos, and the /boot/kernel.cmdline for the zUbuntu multiboot.

With all this posted, I still have yet to get it too post from nand ... still hashing.
This is what i did to get Cacko in nand, and zUbuntu on sd.

1. Trisoft restore.
2. install cacko. DO NOT RESIZE ROOT PARTITION <53MB
3. flash multiboot kernel
4. in /boot/ on sd have cacko kernel of your choice (I like katastrophos)
5. boot into cacko, remount root partition as rw.
make boot folder on root. copy kernel over and reboot. (take out sd)
6. boot cacko from nand, enjoy.

WOW Thanks, exact and works even!!!!
Could you give a little more detail of
5. boot into cacko, remount root partition as rw.
make boot folder on root. copy kernel over and reboot. (take out sd)

please? I'm not sure what 'rw' is or where one copies the kernel from.

5. boot into cacko. you should have the cacko kernel and kernel commandline in /boot on your sd card.
the multi-boot kernel will see cacko as being on sd (cuz that is where the kernel is)
when you are booted into cacko enter: sudo mount -n -o remount,rw into terminal. this will remount rootfs as read/write
Create /boot folder on nand: mkdir /boot
copy kernel (zImage) from /boot on SD: cp /mnt/card/boot/* /boot/
now reboot cacko with the sd card out. the multiboot kernel should show that cacko is on nand (chip icon).
6. extract zUbuntu rootfs to your sd card, replacing cacko kernel in SD card's /boot/
now when you boot your zaurus with the sd in, you should see two options Nand - Cacko and SD - Zubuntu

Thanks very much for clearing that up for me.
I'm confused.

I've spent much of the day trying to follow the instruction to get Cacko and Zubuntu working on my sl-c1000 (Akita) but I've come up against a few things I don't fully understand and some that just baffle me.

- I did a Trisoft NAND restore, that was easy.
- I resized my root partition to 53Mb and installed Cacko ROM 1.23 from Katastrophos
- I tried flashing the multiboot kernel but came a bit unstuck.
What I did was: on a FAT16 formated SD card I put the '' and 'zImage.bin' files as described on Omegamoon blog. I really wasn't too sure about the 'zImage.bin' file though, I ended up using the 'zImage' file from the /boot folder from the zubuntu version 2.0 root-addition archive and appending '.bin' to the file. I then followed the multiboot kernel flashing procedure.
- Perhaps it is late but when I looked at Step 4 I realised I had no idea what to do. Where do I find the Katastrophos kernel? What is the Katastrophos kernel? I fear my brain is overheating! I looked at the two Cacko root filesystems mentioned in Scottfa's first post but they look to me like identical filesystems. What are they for? How are they relevant to this process? Should I be searching for Katastrophos' kernel there?

This is all good fun, learning about all this stuff and getting more familiar with my Zaurus and linux filesystems and multiboot flashing and whatnot but I think I should sleep on it for now. With any luck someone will have read this post and given me a few pointers or hints by tomorrow.

EDIT: Slept on it, thought about it, slept on it again and then reread this thread and Omegamoon's instructions.
Why would I use the zImage file from the /boot folder??? I must have been more tired than I had realized! Later today I'll try flashing the multiboot kernel using the and zImage.bin (sl-c1000) files provided in the "Flashing The Multiboot Kernel" section of Omegamoon's blog.
I suppose the two filesystems in Scottfa's post are there to be used if you want to run a Cacko or Sharp ROM off of an SD/CF card partition...right?
the reason for extraction is to run off of sd/cf but i don't think that works. My method is to allow cacko/sharp/pdaxrom to be run off of nand, and other os's to be run off of sd/cf.

and yes, flash the multiboot. the kernel for zUbuntu 2.0 is too large to fit in nand.
How about giving the directions with actual terminal commands instead? I think it would be helpful for many. smile.gif
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