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Full Version: What Happens When Installing Over Pdaxrom?
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I have pdaXrom on my C750 which I configured to use one large partition in internal memory (57mB). If I install the multiboot kernel, and then setup Zubuntu on SD card, what happens to that partition (/dev/mtdblock/2)? I mean, does the partition get deleted? Or, is it still there, with the pdaXrom file system (and could I just put the pdaxrom kernel in /boot and have that as a boot option)?
Theoretically, Yes.

I did that with cacko (created /boot on Nand)

Haven't tried pdaX, but it should work as multiboot option.
Well, I went ahead and tried, and no, it doesn't see the larger root partition. It treats the flash like the original partition configuration apparently. I guess it's hardcoded. I can mount them, and some of the file structure is there, but it's not working properly.

Anyway, I have Zubuntu running, but with lots of problems. I'll do some searching in the forum and see if I can't solve some of them.
sorry, it is hardcoded to see the nand as what ever stock is. on my c1k, stock is 58mb.
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