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Full Version: Gtk On Directfb For Embedded Systems
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Hello, did abybody tried to mess with this:
It would be interesting to check if this works on Z.
I had the same idea and i acutally tried it. but as you know, the Z display is rotated. Its default orientation is portrait. AFAIK. Directfb has no support for display rotation so you're stuck with portrait mode only.
Hello, did you notice any performance improvements? Was Z a little snappier than usual?
According to, DirectFB 1.3 supports some kind of rotation.
True, they did add some support for rotation. But it's opengl based so it's useless to us. PXA270 has no 2d/3d acceleration. Maybe we can get it to work through mesagl, but i don't think we'll see any performance improvements. On the contrary, that may be slow as hell.
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