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Full Version: Corrupted Keymap, Ipkg Error
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--edited by speculatrix after moving thread post here---


...I have some questions about my C860 ( I have the 1.21b cacko ROM) :

1) When I touch the 'Y' I have a 'Z'... and when I touch 'Z'... I have a 'Y' ?!!!
All other letters are ok.
2) Since a few days I can't install packages ! mad.gif
qpkg say "ipkg says something went wrong. Sorry."

Is there a link with the fact that I uninstall cumulus last day ? Uninstalling a package like cumulus can break dependancies or not ?

and when I use ipkg the message is :

>ipkg install qpdf2_freetype-2.2.1-20040217_arm.ipk

The following package were previously requested but have not been installed:
Install them now [Y/n] ? Y
filename - __.ipk

Downloading ...
=> `//home/tmp/ipkg/__.ipk'
Connecting to connected!
Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
23:55:56 ERROR 404: Not Found.

ipkg_download: ERROR: Failed to retrieve, returning
ipkg_get_install: Perhaps you need to run `ipkg update'?


I don't understand why the filename is " - __.ipk " ?!!!

Have you got this error ? Could you please help me with this very mad.gif pb ?

Tks a lot.
Best regards.
Christophe (nice, French riviera)

ps: I love my Zaurus... I love my laptop more than my PC... and my Zaurus more than my laptop... It's more personal !

ps2: Happy new year !

it does seem odd that your keymap is corrupted and other files have gone wrong.

if you reboot, does the fsck indicate any problems?

Tks for the answer dear speculatrix and for my validation ! biggrin.gif

I can install some packages on SD or CF card but no on internal flash memory.

When I reboot there is no pb with fsck.

But I think you're right... It's probably the keymap...

I have solved the pb with the Y/Z by editing the file /home/zaurus/Settings/keyhelper.xml
this one was for german keymapping (Y <--> Z,...). It works fine now !

I will upgrade the ROM for Cacko 1.23... this pb probably disappear with this upgrade.

Thank you very much.
Best regards.

just a post to explain (tks to Cacko FAQ) how I solve the ipkg error "ipkg says something went wrong. Sorry." :

su -
ipkg remove error

It will give some complaint about not finding the package "error" and then say it is purging all references to "error" from the database, and then you shouldn't get that message anymore.

Look at Cacko FAQ for details.

Now I can install packages in internal Flash memory, all is OK.

Tks a lot.
Best regards
Christophe (Nice, French riviera)
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