- I have a file, see? It's encrypted, see? But I don't have the password any more, see? (*smack*)
- Alrightythen. I've sadly lost my beloved Z, and I only have a pwmanager backup file from *before* I changed the master password. If it was after I'd be fine ... load up PasswordManager on Linux and have it. But when I load up my KDEPIM pwmanager file into KDE PasswordManager and enter the password, it won't unlock it. That's why I think this file is before the password change. (grin)
- I've been looking all over for a password recovery tool for this, but I can't find one anywhere. I'm sure it's a non-trivial undertaking, but hey, I have multiple cores at my disposal. It should be theoretically possible.
- Does anyone know how I can recover the data from a pwmanager file?

Thanks for your time...