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Full Version: What Os To Use For My Poor Old Collie (5500)?
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I feel very much let down.

I was very happy when I first got my Zaurus, expecting a large user community with active developement, but it seems the SL-5500 got obsolete in no time at all...

I got the Cacko rom installed and I used it happily for some time, but somehow it got broken... I cant get ScummVM to work anymore, mplayer neither... Dont know which version of the actual Cacko rom is meant for my Zaurus nor where to download it...

Could anybody tell me what would be the best OS for my poor little old Collie? Id like to use some games (scummvm, mame, c64) and some multimedia apps (video & mp3) and a good PDF reader (and possibly read other eBook formats), check my mail (IMAP without the need to download all the mails) and do some web browsing. I already gave up the hope to have a nifty painting program that really makes good use of the touch sensitive screen...

I got a 2Gb SD (Kingston) and a 2Gb CF (Kingston) card, but due to the 1Gb limit, Im using a 1 Gb SD (Sandisk)... The 2Gb CF card works fine. My wireless network adapter is a Linksys WCF12, which used to work fine with the Cacko Rom.

Please help!

A while ago I droped my 750 and went back to my 5500 (with a 750 battery) and ended up putting TkCv1 on it. I'm pretty sure the ROM is still up on the downloads area and can be patches with the >1GB SD patch and Overclocked

I used to use the Opie Player compiled for the SHARP rom on it which worked well but needed a swap file for MP4/DivX movies but plays MP3 without. ebook reading can be done with ebook reader or FMReaded

Hope this helps


The stickied thread at the top of this section has downloads for both the Sharp 3.13 and the tkc rom with the >1GB sd fix. The 3.13 rom has a version which also uses the SD as home script from the tkc roms. There is also a thread here where I put the cacko rom files for the 5500.

HTH cool.gif
tkcMail does IMAP on my Collie's original Sharp ROM, and I use qpdf to read pdfs and tiffviewer seems able to display all other images on ROM 2.38 except gifs.

But you are probably better with ROM 3.10 as memory management on that is a vast improvement.

I have a page up about tiffviewer on my site at

For other Collie apps, also see Quickening's feed. He uses a lot more media stuff than I do. Both of us still use our Collies:

I've also been doing a lot via ssh, sampling and cropping images [ that are too big] on a server via commandline and then downloading to my collie. Started writing a page about that but got busy with other things and never finished it. If there is serious interest, I could resurrect the project.

But I am a commandline freak, so I do a lot in the terminal. Yours truly lives on the commandline.
Thanx a lot, Ill have a look at the Sharp 3.13 and the tkc rom smile.gif
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