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Full Version: Is there any Taskswitcher utility?
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I've been looking for a taskswitcher program for my SL-5600 and found Tasklist applet 1.0.5, but unfortunately the download link is broken. ( Anyone knows where could I download it or any other taskswitching program? Thanks in advance.
Here is the sourceforge page for both sub applet and tasklist applet:

Many thanks, JP! If there were a keyboard-based taskswitcher...
Don't know of any keyboard-based taskswitcher. Sorry

For a keyboard-based switcher, you can try KeyHelper, a keyboard remapping program that just happens to also have a built in taskselector. There is a link to it and some information on setting it up available at:

I use it on my C760. I'm not sure if it will work on the 5600 or not, but it's worth a shot. The keycodes for the 5600 are probably different, so you'll have to find a list of them, or you can try the KeyHelperConf app, which is available at: (warning: Japanese page).

- ashikase
anpachi, gifu, japan
Just a quick mention - I included the task switcher functionality from Keyhelper in the latest version of IRK (v0.11.0).
Just got around to installing keyhelper on my 5600 and it works great. The Shift+Menu and Shift+Home for task switching is really good (Don't know how they get a list of visible apps, but it works!) as does the Home+key app launching. Feels like the hacks on my old Handspring again smile.gif
Thank you to whoever updated the links on looked at the source for keyhelper and its a far more reliable method of finding out what's running.... might see if I can get round to updating the TaskList applet to use the same method.
I've put a beginners guide to keyhelper in the howto area

I will add all the menu and other advanced stuff later this week, let me know if there is anything wrong or if you think something needs to be added

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