I do some electronic projects for fun.
Till now I was using Eagle to prepare pcb.
But there is no eagle for arm sad.gif

So i started to use KiCAD. Main problem with it is a lack of element libraries.
I found a nice way to transfer eagle libraries to kicad format.
Just download eagle, install it on x86.
Then get ftp://ftp.cadsoft.de/eagle/userfiles/ulp/...2kicad-0.9b.ulp script, put it in eagledir/ulp
Run eagle, open desired library, there is a load of them, and click on "ULP" icon, select script (I renamed it to _eagle2kicad-0.9b.ulp to have it on first place), check Draw pin names and Draw pin numbers (that can be set in script), select place to put output files and run script.

Then, result files should be put in /usr/share/kicad/libraries and modules.

For now I have about 30 libraries exported. Did not test them much because i just started to learn kicad.

Kicad is quite responsive on netwalker. Will try to check how it behaves on zaurus under zubuntu.

Any one know a nice tutorial on kicad?

Just found nice bundle with all eagle libraries recoded:
There is also a bundle with all of them pascked together...