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Full Version: Simpad As Remote Controll
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Hi to all,
I'm asking the help of comunity to solve a problem.
I've manage to compile lirc for simpad to create a remote controll for my Home Theater System, using last angstrom/openembedded release [stable/2009].

For any one interested, compilation exit with error for linux kernel and lirc-modules packages.

Linux compilation error, depend on variation of default _POSIX_C_SOURCE level in glibc version. Simply change any occurence of "getline" to "parseline" in angstrom-dev/work/simpad-angstrom-linux/linux-2.6.24-r26/linux-2.6.24/scripts/unifdef.c file.

Lirc compilation error is only a typo error:
you need to modify "reetval" to "retval" [ only one occurence ] in angstrom-dev/work/simpad-angstrom-linux/lirc-modules-0.8.5-/lirc-0.8.5/drivers/lirc_sir/lirc_sir.c file.

After flashing image and installing lirc package everyting work like a charms, but ir signals aren't sended.

I don't understand if is a hardware or software problem, so i don't know how to debug this thing.

Some one can help me?

Thank to all,
Hi all,
Only after my post i realized that if someone want help me, it need to use the same software i use. In addition one may not know, have no desire or time to compile the stable 2009 tree of OpenEmbedded/Angstrom.

Work has not left me enough time to follow this project. But now I have a bit of time.

In the next days i can release 2009/stable simpad images and all packages required in order to install LIRC.

If you think it can be useful, please reply this post.

OK!! In attach you can find console and opie images [ gpe & X11 comming soon... ] form stable 2009 release!!
In the next post I will put packages for LIRC and opie-remote [not very stable].

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