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Full Version: Keyboard Assembly Details
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Tom Moulton
Once you have the NetWalker open (like in my other post to change battery / LCD) here are some pictures of the Keyboard.

If you remove the keyboard

There are four springs that keep it floating

They will likely all pop out, I was lucky one stayed in.
They are tapered and the narrow end goes down.

Like so

The battery cover also hold down the top edge of the keyboard, so it is very likely it will come off while you are handling it.

So best to remove it and save the springs so they do not get lost!

Put the keyboard back on and then put the battery cover on right away.

The Screw plugs come in two sizes. The 2 bigger ones have a "3" in them

More as I learn...

RX Shorty
Where I am interested is how to replace the harddrive.
Tom Moulton
QUOTE(RX Shorty @ Jul 16 2010, 02:09 AM) *
Where I am interested is how to replace the harddrive.

There is no Hard Drive per se. The storage is comprised of 2 NAND FLash chips (like a Pen Drive).

See here NetWalker Internals

There is a third location for a NAND FLash, so you may be able to add more and/or replace the existing chips.

I would not try that until I was able to build ubuntu from scratch for it, so the flash drivers could be reconfigured.

I did see one thread someplace where someone used the 16GB SDHC card slot to mount the /home partition
and by doing this all the really active writing occurred on the removable memory because once the on board NAND Flash
starts to get failures it will need to be replaced.

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