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Full Version: community and the 6000
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Just a few questions for you guys. I was wondering how you all would feel if these situations came up.

If Sharp tries to start a Dev community for the 6000 will any of you join up?

If they try to start having a community for their 6000 do you think that they would bring back things for the 5x00? If they do would you try to join up with that as well?

I dont know if they will try to start something like that for the 6000. I dont think I would trust it if they did. I dont think they will bring back things 5x00 either and if I did it would probably be because they gave one @#$ed good excuse for it all.
I think the community should stay separate, but the 6000 would still be welcomed. The more Zs, the better
There are reasons I never signed up with Sharp, but I came close. The biggest being trust to stand behind a product. After killing the community, Sharp only validated my trust concerns. Better to host your work elsewhere.

If Sharp tries to start a Dev community for the 6000 will any of you join up?

Or maybe issue an invitation to join the real Zaurus community (i.e. the ZUG)?

I agree with LordDavon. I wouldn't think that there would be much mileage in non-Sharp employees for using any future Dev community project infrastructure to distribute their software, post how-to's or other docs, make announcements, exchange information and hints, or any of the other things that happened on the old community. Perhaps this could be a test of Sharp's attitude - if they want to use their site for their own purposes that is a matter for them, but if they are seriously interested in getting non-Sharp people involved at any level, they should be prepared to join us over here.

I might join the forums, but probably every post that I made that contained anything substantive would appear here first, and I would summarise on Sharp's site with a link.

Dont understand why Sharp wants to fire up the community site again - justr for the 6000 ?

come-on when there was a lot of activity going behind the 5xxx series software wise, Sharp suddenly pulled the plug and shut down the whole community site. Its not as if the 5xxx series work that was done doesnt in any way relate to the 6000, hence a need to start the site again only for the 6000 .... The 5xxx work DOES relate and can be used for the 6000 as well, so shutting down that site and starting a devnet for 6000 does seem to be at cross-purposes.

And no thank-you. Sharp has earned its own share of rejection from the community I guess, If they really want, they can come join the community own its own terms, not on Sharp's terms anymore.
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