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Full Version: Arduino, Processing And Puredata
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Is anyone interested in running the Arduino, Processing, or PureData IDE on Zaurus? This would be for pdaXrom installations.

There are a few obstacles to overcome with my development environment on the C3100, and these programs all rely on some Java functionality, which I've never worked with on Zaurus.

If anyone can point me to the most functional Java implementation on Z, it's one less thing for me to worry about.

Also handy would be an ipk of SVN. I'm currently trying to build one, but again, the obstacles...

If anyone want's to help, I'm going to devote most of today to getting this carried forward as much as possible, so drop me an e-mail if you want to help.

The weekend was a bust. I won't get far without updating the tool chain.
Making quite a bit of progress on this, in Debian, however.

JamVM compiled for the Z, instead of using the repo. Also working on getting Classpath installed so JamVM will actually work. Once Classpath is happy with all it's dependencies I should be moving on to compiling the Arduino IDE. That was what I started with, we'll see how it goes. Will report back with other findings.
Running into a few problems with ant. Still working those out, will post back with more information and hopefully a deb.

By the way, Arduino source code is right around 1Gb, for what it's worth.... big surprise when I tried to download on the z....
Ant is where I ran into trouble as well. Hopefully I'll be able to get back on this in December.
Well, December is now February :^)

That's how it goes sometimes. I've bought some new Arduino hardware and a VideoGameShield from Wayne&Layne. The urge to get Arduino IDE running on my Zaurii is still strong.

Before I cant get Ant compiled, so the I can get Arduino IDE compiled, I need to learn a lot about developing in Java native on the Z.

Right Now, it looks like BlackDown and Classpath are what is needed.
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