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Full Version: Dvd Catalyst 3 For Sl-****
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Just got a SL-C1000, but I've used CE devices for a long time, and DVD Catalyst 3 has always made playable movies for those slow processors. So I played around with DVD Cat 3 and the mplayer/Zplayer and found that the combination makes for sharp, audio-synched full-length movies. My specs are:

320x240 resolution
Video quality: 500kbs
Sound quality: 128kbs
Conversion format: mpeg2-mp2
Volume: 10
Frame Rate: 30

These specs are too rich for the Sharp player, so for that player, I had to dumb down the frame rate to 20 and the sound to 64. Nor could I get Kino2 to play the files with any specs. But Zplayer works great.

DVD Catalyst 3 is a one-man show and I see that Mitch is having a half-price sale. 9.95USD for the full program. He does email support and it's been very fast and helpful in my experience with the HP Jornada 720 and my Zune and various Nokias.

At any rate, I've joined the Z party too late, I think, but my long plane rides will be a little more convienent.

This would save me from buying a new device just to get a larger screen.

Have you tried a 640x480 resolution video?
Have you tried Quasar ( for an mplayer front-end?
Sorry about late response; I hadn't put the thread on email notification.

640x480 is doable, but I found I needed the tetsu or cacko kernel with overclocking. Even though I successfully flashed the kernel, I don't use the overclocking after all. It's battery-intensive, and w/ default cpu speed, 320x240 shown in "full-screen," the movie is filling about 3/4 of the screen, and it's crisp and synched. Some movies, even when converted to 640x480, don't fill entire screen, maybe 4/5s or even 3/4s.

So on a trip, without a/c, I'd rather go stock speed and give up a quarter of the screen and watch more movies.

The great thing about DVDCatalyst is that it converts to practically all known phones/pdas/computers. My lucky wife just got an ipad, and sure enough, there was a DVDCat conversion setting for Ipad, no handles to jiggle, and she was off and running.

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