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Full Version: Some sort of database tool?
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I'm looking for some sort of database tool for my 5600 that I can have as a repository for random data and thoughts. But I want to be able to use and/or sync the database with my Linux workstation. I'm tired of managing the text documents.

Any thoughts? Even if you can only come up with a tool that works on only one of the two platforms (5600 or Linux workstation), I still wanna hear about it. Lemme know your thoughts please.

I haven't used it myself, but you could try Grok.

There's a zaurus version, Kgrok:

Grok is also available as a desktop app.

I use tkcCard myself, which is similar (I think).

- Mark
HSQDB - this is a *real* database with front-end:
I'm using Portabase, it's working quite well & the developer is actively working on it.

I use the Notes portion of the Sharp Text Editor. They synch with MS Outlook's notes, so you can edit them on either device and then use the synch software.
sqlite is a nice little database, scripts well with python and PyQt too

Thanks for the tips, guys. Portabase seems most promising. I have OZ 3.3.6-pre which has been running completely flawlessly until now. When I try to install Portabase, it tells me this:

portabase: relocation error: portabase: undefined symbol: _7QString.shared_null

Any ideas?
OZ 3.3.6-pre switched to a newer version of gcc which breaks binary compatibility with all applications compiled for the Sharp ROMs and earlier OZ releases. In order to run PortaBase and many other applications without recompiling them, you have to install compatibility libraries compiled with the older gcc version; you'll need oz-compat and oz-compat-opie from I've had one report of it not working correctly even with these installed, but hopefully it will work for you.

I was originally thinking of compiling a version of the upcoming PortaBase 1.9 for this OZ version, but the whole process of building and compiling for OZ seemed to be in chaos the last time I looked (and 3.3.6-pre is hardly mentioned on the web site). If somebody wants to handle this, please let me know; otherwise I'll probably wait for the next major OZ release and see if things settle down.
You need the compat libs (lib_compat ??) to run older Qtopia/Sharp Based apps on OZ3.3.6 .

At least that is my understanding from reading this forum

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