I patched my kernel with usbdnet-2.14.18-patch.gz. I am able to reconfigure my kernel with either make menuconfig or make xconfig, and choose "USBD Network (Encapsulated) Host-to-Host Link (EXPERIMENTAL)" from the "USB Network Adaptors" section of "USB Support." I enter 04dd for the USBD Network idVendor and 8004 for the USBD Network idProdoct. Everything looks fine.

Save and exit the config menu.

make clean dep modules modules_install

modprobe usbcore, usb-uhci and usbdnet

When I hook up the Zaurus SL5600 to connect, I get error messages, and it says:
usb.c: USB device XX (vend/prod 0x4dd/2x8006) is not claimed...

Running less /proc/bus/usb/devices shows the following lines:
P: Vendor=04dd ProdID=8006 Rev= 0.00
S: Manufacturer=Sharp
S: Product=SL-5600

Again, it's showing ProdID as 8006 when I entered (several times) as 8004.

In my /var/log/messages I get this line:
Oct 21 18:07:33 gregkedro /etc/hotplug/usb.agent: Setup acm for USB product 4dd/8006/0

Again, 8006 and not 8004.

Can't ping. Can't connect. Can't sync. I have fought with this stinkin thing all day long, and this is the only thing I have come up with that might be causing the problem. Just won't work. Help?