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Full Version: SF Cave SDL and Sharp ROM
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Has anyone ever gotten this package to work? SF Cave was like my favorite game back on my handspring ... the fun is lost a bit on the Zaurus though with the regular SF Cave package so I tried to install the SDL one and it told me that it had Dependencies. err so my question is has anyone gotten it to work and if so -- how'd you do it?
SF Cave SDL, requires er SDL. You need to install all the libSDL ipks from here:

I think there might be another SDL package required by SF Cave SDL that isn't on that page like libsdl-gfx which I got off an OZ feed and converted to the Sharp ROM format.

I think it also requires libpng, but that can be provided by running the following commands as root:

cd /usr/lib
ln -s

If it doesn't seem to work, run it from the command line and it will tell you the library it is missing.

SF Cave SDL is much better than the previous version.
How do I convert libSDL_gfx ... i do need that ... When I try running it from the command line it tells me it cant find So I symlinked my libSDL library as that in /usr/lib and /home/QtPalmtop/lib but to no avail. But thanks! You've given me much hope!
On a linux box with 'ar' (not just 'tar') you need to do the following:

ar -x libSDL-gfx.ipk
tar czvf libSDL-gfx.ipk ./debian-binary ./data.tar.gz ./control.tar.gz

Those './'s are important.
you wouldn't happen to be able to send me the files or post them someplace would you? ... I'm short on a linux box right now ... though ... I guess I could load Knoppix.... but..... Thanks!
Couldn't get the forum file attachment working with Konqueror 3.2.1, so here's a link to the ipk instead:

(You'll have to do a Save As)
you fixed it -- you really fixed it -- THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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