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Full Version: qtreader probs
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It's always been a little unstable for me, but now it isn't starting at all.

Running it from the terminal says that it's looking for

Checking out /home/QtPalmtop/lib/ shows that I've already got a link from to


rm the old link, make a new link, still no dice.

I've already reinstalled the ipk... doesn't seem to help.

Anybody have any idea what's up? It reaaaalllly sucks not being able to read my plucker files while I'm supposed be looking productive in meetings.

I'm running Sharp ROM 3.10 on a 5500.
Type 'export' at the terminal, check that /opt/QtPalmtop/lib is listed in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, if not you can alter this in /opt/QtPalmtop/, or in your .profile (I think that's right), or make the symlink to somewhere which is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH (like /usr/local/lib).

QTReader sucks anyway. You should try JustReader. It's much better.

I've got LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to /home/QtPalmtop/lib, which is where all the other libraries for my non-ROM apps are at. Does that sound right?


I like QTReader's navigation setup better, and it seems to render Plucker stuff better (when it works, that is.) YMMV.
Yes that is right, perhaps it's something else causing the problem - try using syslog.


E-mail me at and I'll send you the "statically" linked version of "QTReader". There seems to be some kind of permissions problem in ROM 3.10 which I can't resolve because Sharp haven't released a version of the ROM for the SL5000. The statically linked version avoids the problem.
Dude, thanks. Much appreciated.
Its "in the post" 8^)

Anyone else having similar problems should feel free to do the same (e-mail ne for the static version). If nothing else, I'll get a better feel for how big the problem is.
And for those of you who are eagerly anticipating the results, it works perfectly.

Tim rules.
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