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Full Version: Using more than one Zaurus, sync, network etc...
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I have two 5500s. I have no real problems in sync over USB to XP. (Apart from remembering which machine is which!)

However I would like to use Bluetooth and my Wireless card to Samba to my XP machine. I would like to be able to do this without having to worry about which zaurus I use. I'm also hoping to get one of the clamshell versions later on and the solution to this problem will obviously be more necessary then.

I have tkcrom on both machines and have been able to use my wifi card intermittently. I have not yet , lack of time, been able to BT PAN successfully yet.

The main thing I'm asking about is: what should I do about hostnames for my zs and about IPs for the different machines and connections? My desktop has a router attached which is wired to a wireless AP. I can use the windows software to give the AP an IP of my choice and I can use a browser, from Mandrake or XP, to change the settings on the router.

My worry is that any scheme I might devise could run up against the sync setup that the zaurus seems to have by default.

Any sensible suggestions for IP schemes would be gratefully received! Of course it would be too good to be true if someone has already solved a similar problem!!

Trying to avoid unnecessary thinking on anyone's part:

I can ping to both Mandrake and XP using the wifi. I have not been able to samba over wifi. I have been able to telnet, ssh and vnc.

I can telnet, ssh, vnc into and out of the z using usb. With XP the samba shares seem to become unavailable for no apparent reason over usb.

Bluetooth is 'built-in' to the tkc rom. However I have not yet managed to get further than pairing with my phone and the XP usb dongle. (It is just a matter of time using Tumnus's howto!)

By default the Samba setup will only work over the USB connection. I've just written a howto for using Samba over any network connection:

If Netbios works correctly, you should be able to give each Zaurus a different netbios name and use by to access the Samba shares without knowing the IP address as described in the howto.

This wouldn't help for normal syncing or any other type of access such as VNC or SSH. I can't see how you would access those other services without knowing the IP addresses or if they change.

Do you use DHCP for handing out IP addresses?
Thanks Tumnus, I'll have a look and try the Howto.

In answer to your question, when my router is active it provides DHCP but I have recently applied fixed IPs to some of my machines and especially to the usb 'adapter' to keep the default

I found that, under XP, I was running into random problems with usb which seemed to be the DHCP reallocating the desktop IP to something else.

I had come to the conclusion that I should manually configure my two desktops and my portable to 'cut down the variables' in my networking.

I also have been trying to use manual config on the zaurus pair for Wifi and Bluetooth.

When I play with Kismet I select the automatic option and it appears to work.

In passing, I have just bought a second hand CF wifi card with a Zonet label. The net said it was compatible and the card works fine.

I think I just need to settle down to some sustained experimenting and it will get sorted out

I'll be back....
Hi Tumnus,

from looking at your setup you seem to be using 3.13? When I had a look at the inetd.conf file I discovered that the echo lines you recommend in your Howto were already present but commented out. This is with the Kompany rom. I uncommented them before I followed the rest of the instructions.

smb.conf and inetd.conf are easy enough to access and edit using the filemanager and view as text file option. Of course I needed to choose the run as 'root' option.

I haven't yet found which of the samba commands are implemented on the Kompany rom: I have found that the 'normal' commands don't seem to be all there! Probably my hasty reading.

I did experiment and was not successful in getting samba to work over the wifi network. I suspect that it is my murky understanding of XP that is the problem. I'll try again using Mandrake 9.1.

I did manage to ping both zaurii from the desktop under XP using the two CF wifi cards. I could go the other way and between the zaurii and was able to vnc to the fbvnc server on both zaurii over the wifi links.

So I need to read around samba and try again using Mandrake.

I do have all sorts of failures over usb with sambas, file transfer and sync to XP. I quite often find that the IP for the usb connection on the desktop has been overwritten for no apparent reason, this is when I have manually set it!

I'm going to forget about bluetooth for now and concentrate on getting the wifi sorted out for communication between both zaurii also to my other machines.

As I said about ips in my first reply, I have manually configured my router and wireless access point. They now have ips in the 192.168.129 network. Thanks again for the help

Hi tux, is that Zonet ZCF1100 wifi card you are talking about and does wep work?
Hi tux, is that Zonet ZCF1100 wifi card you are talking about and does wep work?
tux, not logged in,

Zonet ZCF1100 is correct and the zaurus applet says that it is an Intersil prism2, whatever that means.

As regards WEP, I've not attempted to use it with this card or with my pretec, but the applet lets you edit it into the configuration. So far i am in the experimental stages of a home wifi net. I don't need it at work
so haven't yet got into the security side of things as yet.
Hi guest, Comcute?,

sorry to be so long in responding. The Zonenet cards are quite happy to do WEP to my AP.

I'm using the option with the most bits...

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