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Full Version: Anyone still here?
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Is this group still active? I live in Waukesha, and would love to get together with other Z users.
Well it's been a busy summer / early fall so I haven't tried putting anything together but if everyone is interested lets have a ZUG meeting. Post your ideas for time, place ect...
If anyone wants to come down to Chicago, we can meet for the Bears/Packers game. There is a bar next to Wrigley Field that has great food and hosts fans of the Packers and Browns every week. I'll probably be there anyway....
That actually sounds like a great idea to me, just name the place and time.
Sorry, I should hve looked at my Zaurus first. I have my brother-in-law's birthday party that afternoon so I'll be missing the game. We should pick something after the holidays so we can bring any new toys we get...
Thats always fun playing with the new Christmas toys wink.gif I'm busy that day as well now, I'm free any rime after the New Year.

Anyone else interested in a ZUG meeting?
We should pick something after the holidays so we can bring any new toys we get...

Well anybody from the WI/IL ZUG ready to show off their "new toys" yet at a ZUG meeting?

Since my Zaurus is currently on a UPS truck (5500) I guess I am now a Zaurus owner in IL (Des Plaines reprazent-- I work out in Barrington). I'll be lurking on this group, occasionally asking stupid questions and maybe looking for software/ROM recommendations. so. Hi!
Welcome. smile.gif I'm in Schaumbrug, Il... where are you? We're thinking about possibly setting up a NetMeeting meeting sometime and then a followup in-person meeting the next week. Any ideas?
I'm in Milwaukee and it would be interesting to see what everyone else is doing with their Zs.


5600 w/ CF 802.11b card, 256mb CF, 32MB SD will be adding bluetooth soon.
Des Plaines, though we just moved so i'm kinda stuck unpacking / fixing up our condo. i'd be up for a meet at some point though... need to get the wifi going at the new place so i can powerbook/zaurus around from the couch.

i also hang out on IRC a lot, maybe that's a good place to 'net'-meet?
Does IRC have whiteboard, streaming audio and video? (I know it has file transfer and chat). For me IRC was a little like trying to learn VI... it has a learning curve.
nope. just good ol' fashioned text + file transfers.
i got my 5500-- after poking at it a bit and trying a few roms/kernels i'm currently planning on flashing it with the cacko 5500 kernel, tkc2 alpha and then bringing on the apps (need to get me a SD card!). sweet li'l gizmo. Wouldn't mind meeting up sometime--- out of curiosity, what's the Illinois/WI rom of choice? just to make idea sharing easier.
I'm using QTopia...
Fox Lake IL.
12 miles S of WI border and 12 miles W of Lake M.
2 5500s and a 5000.
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