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Full Version: WordNet Lexical Database support?
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Hello all,
Just would like to know if there has been any interest in porting the Wordnet 2 lexical interface over to the Z. Whilst looking for a dictionary/thesaurus for the Z, I stumbled upon Wordnet, and saw that it was being used in all sorts of open source projects.
If you havent heard of it, you can find info here:

Source and bins are downloadable, as well as many different ports of the interface listed in the Related Projects page. Apparently, KThesaurus (part of the KOffice package) is also a front end to the Wordnet lexical database!

John has provided a detailed step-by-step to install WordNet 1.6 using Zten Japaneses based browser as viewer:

It might work with WordNet 2.0.
Thanks, I since found out about Zten and Wordnet 1.6 from and have downloaded them - I'm just waiting for the weekend when I might have some time to wrestle with this. As for Wordnet 2.0, afaik, it is not in the correct format and as such cannot be used by Zten (hence, my request).

Thanks for the assistance,
The zbedic for zaurus English dictionary uses the WordNet corpus (judging from the definitions), although with fewer of the botany definitions (WordNet has a /lot/ of botany definitions); it doesn't use the wordnet format of showing all synonyms.(WordNet links a bunch of synonyms, and gives a single definition for each.)
Thanks for the info about zbedic - I had no idea that it was using the wordnet database. I will certainly try it out.

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