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Full Version: Beware tkcSky
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I have now installed "both" applications. Still nothing under "file/catalogs". I have the basic-10[1].0.pdb installed on the SD card under /var/mnt/card/QTPalmtop/lib/psc and under I:QtPalmtoplibpsc. Did I miss something in that infamous "readme" file ?

From: Bob Shaffer []
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 10:58 PM
To: 'Shawn Gordon'
Subject: RE: tkcSky

Here is a copy of the readme file related to the install:
Installing tkcSky and supporting data catalog files

1. The .ipk file is the main application. Load it to your Z in the usual manner.
We strongly recommend loading to CF or SD expansion memory.
(in other words, the readme makes absolutely NO reference to install BOTH, though I did install the tkcSKY app to SD)

"they need to be wherever you install them to". Pullleeezzz, this is not what's indicated in the aforementioned reademe.
"/var/mnt/card/QtPalmtop/lib/psc if you are using SD memory expansion."

Suggestion: Correct your "readme's", not me.

I have been a big supporter of your tkc applications, you might try to be a bit more forthcoming and polite when responding to honest requests for support, I have purchased several TKC apps and have never asked for support. Nor will I again. I will not be purchasing additional applications, though that had been my intention.

Bob Shaffer

From: Shawn Gordon []
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 10:24 PM
To: Bob Shaffer
Subject: Re: tkcSky

the readme says to install both.
At 02:40 PM 3/29/2004, you wrote:

I just purchased and downloaded this application. The readme file says to "install the ipk", but there are two of them. Which one is tkcSKY and do I need the other one as well (qpe).

Can I install the program to internal memory, and keep the pdb file(s) on my SD card ? Do these files have to be in a directory called /var/mnt/card/QtPalmtop/lib/psc ro am I reading this wrong ? I'll be copying these from my PC directly to the SD card.

they need to be wherever you install them to.

Bob Shaffer


Shawn Gordon
Somethings never change.................
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