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Full Version: java SerialPort program doesn't work on Z???
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I downloaded from

It worked well on a linux desktop. But when I move it to Z, it said
"No /dev/ttyS0".... This java program couldn't find any CommPortIdentifier.

I got the comm.jar for Zaurus from
and it is saved in /home/QtPalmtop/java/comm.jar. I am pretty sure ttyS0 is open because I can use a C program to read from it. What could be the problem?

I've searched all the messages and nobody's ever had this problem before. Am I missing some real obvious steps here? I will be forever indebted for your help!
I'm having a related problem that is explained here:

If you solved this, could you please let me know?

Thanks in advance, Jeff
I've noticed some strange Java bugs with my 6000L that I didn't have with the Jeode JVM on my trusty old 5000d. Is it possible to just scrap the newer JVM & run Jeode on the 6000L? I wonder what the maximum screen resolution would be with Jeode. Anyone know? Is there an alternative (other than Jeode) that I can run on the 6000? Something less flakey?
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