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Full Version: Best setup for Qtopia 1.6.2 or later on sl-5600
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Hello all you Zaurus owners!!!!

I am lucky enough to own a sl-5600.... smile.gif

What I am looking for is some information from all of you that have played with the latest Qtopia (1.6.2 or up) I have only owned my 5600 for a week now, but I have played with Qtopia 1.6.2 and love it.

I played with Qtopia 1.6.2 on the sharp rom, not 100% stable as some of you are aware of. What I am needing to find out is the best setup on a 5600 to run qtopia 1.6 or later, or what you qtopia users are running. I am not a windows user. All my systems are Linux based. GNU Debian for all my servers and workstations.

Come on people. Is anyone here using Qtopia 1.6.2 or above? I really want to run that on my SL-5600.

I haven't try it myself because it look a bit too buggy...
Well I just put this qtopia version 1.6.2 on my 5600 with the 1.32 sharp rom and it seems to work fine. It looks really nice too.
First little problem was every program crashing when I try to run it with some SIGBUS error. But rebooting it fixed that for the most part. The media player still crashes though. It does seem a bit buggy. It is also missing a lot of useful things such as opera, network applet, docking settings, button settings. It looks a lot like open zaurus and is even lacking the same features. It does rotate "on the fly" which is great and the reason I tried it. The pims look outdated for some reason too. It looks nice though.

Are there any other newer versions of qtopia out there?
so does anyone know what is causing that sigbus error/crash with programs in qtopia 1.6.2? Could it be a permissions thing?
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