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Full Version: Window decorations in OPIE: a limited selection
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I'm frustrated that OPIE only offers a limited number of window decoration styles (ie, the widgets like the "OK" and "?" buttons). I find myself using the "flat" decorations because the others are quite ugly.

I noticed that the zStyle application for the Sharp ROM uses a different kind of decoration (it has a myStyle.decorations plain text file that specifies .png images for the different buttons).

Why is there such a limited selection in OPIE? zStyle appears to be similar to opie-theme application --- are they related? Can similar .decoration files work with OPIE.

I'd love to hear from anybody who's customized their window decorations.
It is planned to add more of them in the future. A 'curstom user style' web page (like the screenshot one but of course completely revamped) will certainly be created as soon as Opie will be good enough for every developper.

You could already work on yours if you want to. Opie is a work builded by its users (and don't know much for exemple about Qt programming but as I'm french, I translated all files in French). Give your name to the new style and to mark Opie with your fingerprint! smile.gif
Yes, good idea. We would like to see more decorations and widget styles in Opie.
Well, looking at the code on the opie-themeing distibution,
the flat decoration is the only one that has an obvious image
input to me. In flat.cpp there are hard-coded xpm images
for the OK, ?, and maximize buttons.

If I nerd-out later tonight perhaps I'll play with that a bit. Seems
like those could either be hard-changed or made to read in a user
supplied xpm for each button.
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