Ouch big time. I'm using tkc rom 2.5.1 on my 860. I'm also using opie todo / addressbook / datebook version 1.0.0-sharprom that I got off of the handhelds feed. I am using this one because its the only one I was able to get to install properly and that stored data in readable format (ie. not DTM). Everything has been running great for a few months except for a few minor bugs in the PIM apps.

Until today that is. For some reason my Z crashed or something. Usually I leave the todo/date/address open all the time as I use them regularily. I picked it up off my desk and noticed that they wern't running anymore and it was asking for the date. (hence the assumption of the Z crashing).

So, I restarted them all and the databook and addressbook were fine. They seem to store the data after every change. However, nothing had been saved in the todo list since the last time it was closed/re-opened. This was about a week ago. So I've lost about a week of todo stuff. This is a pain. I should be able to count on this sort of thing and I shouldn't have to close it down after every change just to make sure its saved.

Is there a PIM with non-DTM storage that works with TKC that is reliable?