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Full Version: IMKit-Anthy font?
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Can anyone clue me in as to what font to use to get kanji and kana to display with IMKit-Anthny, CRIM (the handwriting recognition from the A300's ROM), and ZEditor? I have the unifont package installed, and it works with Opera, but with the above-mentioned, I get squares instead of kanji or kana.

I have an SL-5500 with version 3.10 of Sharp's ROM.


As a partial answer to my own question, I do now have Kanji and Kana displaying, though it cost me most of my fonts.

what I did:

first I installed the unifont and unismall packages. Then:

# cd /home/QtPalmtop/lib
# cp -a fonts fonts.old # so I'd have a backup
# cd fonts
# rm fixed* helv* sm* fontdir

then I made a new fontdir file with the following contents:

unifont unismall.bdf BDF n 50 100 u
unifont unifont.bdf BDF n 50 160 u
micro micro.bdf BDF n 50 40

then I rebooted, and the Japanese characters started showing up in the apps I was complaining about in my previous message.

If anyone has any idea of how to get Japanese to display while still keeping all my fonts, please let me know!

Here is a link to the japanese support files for an early Sash/Cacko rom, basically its all the Japanese related files (fonts, help files, qm files etc) from the C760.

You should be able to easily extract the fonts and replace them on you Z.

The dictionary data files are also available here

I tried installing the fonts from the C760 Sash/Cacko rom. As I originally mentioned, I'm using Sharp's 3.10 rom. Here are my results:

The mmkjg* fonts look identical to unifont and monafont. There are five of them (mmkjg1* - mmkjg5*), and I couldn't figure out what the difference among them is.

The jsupasp* fonts are invisible! They also become the default font for the CRIM input method so you can't see what you're writing.

The lcfont* fonts cause Qtopia to be unable to start up.

Sigh. Oh well....
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