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Full Version: Zaurus SL-5500 Backlight Question
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I'm hoping someone can help me out - I just picked up a Zaurus SL-5500 on ebay and the backlight looks kind of dim to me. (I've definitely got it set on max in software.)

But here's where I really need some info: the right hand side of the unit clearly has a backlight running which illuminates the screen. I can see it when I look at the Zaurus on a diagonal. But the left hand side of the unit definitely does not have a backlight.

I'm wondering if, perhaps, the backlight on the left side has died? Can anyone tell me if their Zaurus SL-5500 is backlit from both sides or only one? I've googled but can't find any pictures of the Zaurus disassembled or any schematic diagrams.

Zauruz SL-5500 has a right side backlight only!! ^^ :?
the backlight on the 5500 isn't the brightest of backlights out there... escpecially compared to the c7x0 zaurus. it is trasreflective though, so you can use it in direct sunlight - fwiw

Technically the SL-5500 screen is only reflective and it only has a frontlight, not a backlight, which is why it works so well outdoors. (Transflective is both transmissive and reflective and so has a front and back light, giving it excellent brilliance indoors and also works outdoors)

The C7x0 on the other hand only has a transmissive screen, so only a backlight, but that means it doesn't work too well outdoors, yet is very bright indoors.
This has already been answered in the FAQ, thats why the screen is offcentered to the left, to allow room for the frontlight :
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