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Full Version: what's eating my /?
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I finally got my 5600 back from the shop and I flashed it with OZ3.6.1. Now I've got a problem with my / filling up very very quickly. I'm not exactly sure why.

I moved some big files over to my SD card and created symlinks to them back on the / file system. But I've gone through 3 cycles of this so far and / keeps filling up to 100%

I'm not 100% sure yet but I think it has something to do with the handwriting recogniser. My handwriting is not much like the one used by the recogniser and so I've tried cusomizing it.

I've been looking through the file system pretty carefully and I can't seem to find where the space is disappearing. If this were a server machine I'd think that someone rm'd a log that was still open. The log file still grows but you can't do anything about it since the directory entry for it is now missing.
3.3.6pre1 was certainly pretty close to teh full capacity of my sl5500 when I installed it, I don't know about the free space on a 5600.

Symlinks also take up disk space so assuming you're making lots this could be a problem.

symlinks take up 1 byte per char in the name of the target of the symlink.

this is probably not the cause of space going away.

Sorry, not sure what could be wrong. Try this on the konsole "du -h /" and it will list all the files and their sizes. Or you could do this
"du -h / > /home/zaurus/Documents/filesize.txt" then just analize the file but I find just looking at the konsole output is easier.

When I installed that version of oz on my 5600 I just noticed that it already took up about all the internal flash with only about 540kb left. It's kind of annoying. Can we suggest such a thing as a minimal install version that doesn't have any packages installed that are not required by the main operating system? That way we can install just what we want and will use from the feed. To me this would be the most desirable as the memory on the zaurus is so limited.

Anyway, good luck kg6fnk!
Or you could just remove the things you don't think you'll need after you flash over...?
This just started happening to me on my cacko 1.21 install (on a sl-c700)...

df -h shows my / and /usr directories are filled to capacity, but the System Info program shows I am only using 7.6 of 23MB for internal flash.

Any known zaurus viruses out? :-P
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