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Full Version: Stream video to Zaurus?
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Everyone seams to want to compress the video down, and then store it on an SD card to play on the Zaurus.

What personaly I would rather do is play the video off a samba share, or better yet, 'stream' it to the Zaurus with some kinda web streaming software of some sort. Mostly I like to watch episodes and such, watch it once and I probably won't want to see it again for months. With all of these episodes it makes no sence to me to store them all twice, once for playback on a computer, and once for playback on the Zaurus, thes files take up enough room on their own!

So the question is, can one 'stream' the video to the Zaurus insted? Is the the reason people compress the video down only for the size or are there other factors besides this?

Can you maybe re-code the size, or shink the video stream with some software in real-time to the Zaurus?

What software, is there any, that can watch video streams for the Zaurus?

This of course would be over 802.11b for the bandwidth.
There was a thread here or on the sharp dev net about video lan for streaming if memory serves me right.
I found that video lan software and I'm going to test this out tonight. It looks very nice, and there is even an client for the Zaurus! The only thing... from what I've read so far is that your under the controll of the computer that is streaming the video, no pause or anything. Of course I could allways use VNC to controll it or maybe a linux box with ssh if it can be controlled though a terminal. Either way this is atleast a step int he direction I wanted, and can't wait to see this thing work! Here is the link if anyone would like to give it a try.. no more dead SD cards from adding and removing large files! :0
I just use smbmount on to a samba share that I have and play my videos on my c860. There is a 5 second delay before the video starts playing, but after that no problems. YMMV
stupkid, what software are you using?
Sorry this is so late. I just use the smbmount package for Sharp ROMS on the ZUG feed.
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