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Full Version: Free golf scoring problem - no frills
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A quick and dirty golf scoring program. Here is my concept:

Can be controlled from buttons only.

Ex) Default at 4 players, each of the application launch buttons add 1 stroke to the player, 4 players, 4 buttons.

Use left and right on the rocker to advance to the next hole.

Keep track of front 9 and back 9 and total score.

Easy as that, no par, no distances, just a nice and easy scoring program that can be used for golf or anything else easy.

Let me know if anyone wants to give a go at this, I might give it a shot in java.

I just need to know how to use the buttons and such.

I would be interested, but I currently have only experience in Qtopia Designer.

Perhaps with a careful design, you could end up with an app that could be controlled using just the rocker button default capability.

i.e. up-arrow, down-arrow, left-arrow, right-arrow, spacebar.

left/right to change holes
up/down to change scores
space to switch players

I am intrigued and will look into it more. Very interested in hearing what the experts know about capturing hardware button events in Qtopia.
With the help of the Qtopia guys, I can do the button capture, I'll try and design an app that can be completely controlled with the rocker for this. Sometime after Easter weekend I'll put something out there. Cheers...

Thank you so much, would you be able to release this open source as well? I think it would be a great help!

Looking forward to seeing this great app and I will be using it the instant it is released.

Thanks again!

Hey dude, I am almost done with a first cut. I'll post a link here when I get it finished and uploaded. So far, I think it works pretty slick!

Great idea, and this program might be useful to Zaurus toting golfers. Just a couple more days!
I play Disc Golf practically every day of the week if the weather is nice and I have been using my Zaurus to score mine and my buddies rounds with Hancom Sheet, but it has been such a pain to pull out the keyboard every time!

This is going to be perfect, snag my Z from my pocket, use the d-pad to adjust the scoring, and on I go!

I'm installing Slackware on my laptop this afternoon and plan to setup a zaurus development enviroment. Hopefully I can get my feet wet in development, what you're doing is great and I'd love to join in!
Thanks Doc for your quick work! This would make my z perfect!
EASTER EGG!!! New Zaurus Golf Score Application!

Your wish is my command! Your idea was great for getting my feet wet in intercepting hardware events! Thanks, and I hope it works out. I hope to code more apps soon...and adding these two to the zaurus feed?

Any feedback is welcome; I think I got the basics down so you can just use your old thumb to control the ZGS app...

I also moved my previous XP Calculator app for your Dungeon Masters, because the current link didn't allow direct downloads of the ipk files...
Btw, I only tested this on my 5500, let me know if it works on other hardware, by posting here.

Thanks doc for the quick work! Works as advertised on my 5500 with the latest Sharp ROM. I'll use it for a full round this Thursday.
Will be using it for its 3rd round this afternoon, couldn't have performed the first two rounds any better!

Glad I came up with the idea 8)

Great work!!!
Works great on OpenZaurus 3.3.6 on collie using the compat libs too!
Nice work.

Coolness...I was interested in the Guitar Tuner App, but couldn't get it to work with the Sharp ROM, I might be re-writing my own version for Qtopia. I might also work on a lap/speed stop-watch type app for various race-tracks/events. Since I live in Indy I figured that should be my next app. Glad you all liked the ZGScore program. Cheers.
Can you add a scorecard interface with holes and yardages? Is this data uploadable to a PC? I am thinking about a league with group of 10 foursomes (40 players) collecting data on handhelds and then synchronizing in the bar after the round.
Interesting idea. But then it wouldn't be "no frills" anymore. laugh.gif Anyway, the "save" feature could use some work anyway, as it justs saves a file to the /home/root/zgscore.txt

Until I have some free-time I won't be able to get to it. Sometime in June would be the first I could really sit down and hash out the requirements. Until then if the handheld has a network card you can either ftp or rsync the /home/root/zgscore.txt file to a PC and then do something with all those text files on the PC?

I'm not quite sure how you'd need the yardages, if that is just for documentation purposes or what, but it does save the holes and the scores for all 4 golfers in that zgscore.txt file.

We can chat on this board as I check it often, but the month of May in Indianapolis is very busy. Indy 500, visitors, etc.

Got a request to add a "cancel confirmation" dialog so if it is in your pocket and the cancel button is pushed, it won't exit and lose your scores.

Version 1.0.1 is now on the zaurus software index.

Offroadgeek, could you modify the version in the feed?

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