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Full Version: MJPEG-encoded videos on Zaurus?
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I have a Canon S230 digital camera that can record short 15fps video clips. The video is encoded with MJPEG and the audio is (I believe) raw.

I would like to be able to play the clips on my C760 without having to reencode them. So far I have tried both mplayer (0.9 and the ATI w100-enhanced 1.0 version) and vlc, though neither have done the trick. In the case of mplayer, if I have sound turned on, I get perfect sound but only one frozen frame of video; if I turn sound off, I get perfect video. With VLC, I get sound and a few frames of video. I haven't really messed with the command line settings, as I'm not sure what settings to change. Note that I also tried using mplayer with Kino2, and adjusting the settings from the GUI... no difference.

So far the only player I have found that advertises MJPEG support is tkcVideo, but there is no demo version available, and I don't want to shell out $20 to find out it doesn't work.

Does anyone have a solution / any suggestions?
Sorry, the short answer!
I have a Canon PowerShot S30, same deal, same result (about video and audio). Apparently, the audio is what really kills the, unless someone comes forward to say that tkcVideo works some kind of magic, I wouldn't hold my breath. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
I was looking at trying VLC for that the newest version, or the "easy to install" (but old) version?
I installed the VLC 0.6.0C (opie-vlc_0.6.0C_arm.ipk) from this page:

Just out of perverted curiousity, are there any decent encoders that work reasonably well on the zaurus? Something that could produce a video that would both play on the Z and be in a format compatible enough for a no-nothing to play on a Windows PC (in other words, without requiring the installation of some obscure codec)?
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