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Full Version: KeyHelper: prevent Home key's default action?
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I know this has been mentioned before, but I wasn't able to find a solution...

I have KeyHelper configured to use the Home key as the User1/launch hot key. When I press the Home key, though, it also launches whatever action QPE has associated with that key (for example, the Home function).

Is there anyway to prevent this? It's rather annoying to see the screen flash back to QPE before launching my chosen app. I tried changing the settings in the Application Keys (appskey) control panel, but there does not appear to be a 'disable' option.

I know some people have suggested using one of the Japanese keys as the 'launch' key, but that is not an option for me, as I use Japanese input.

Any suggestions?
Found the answer on the following page:

(Part of a set of tutorials... the best info on KeyHelper I've found so far. Warning: Japanese-only.)

The solution was to add a 'mapping' attribute to the definition of the User1 key in the modifiers section of keyhelper.xml:

<define key="F12" type="User1">


<define key="F12" type="User1" mapping="True">


It is not necessary to add a mapping entry for the key to the mapping section (in fact, you shouldn't). Basically, you are telling keyhelper to map the key to something else, but then don't tell it what that something else is, so the key remains undefined.

yakty has made quite a few useful applets/tools for the Zaurus. If you like KeyHelper, I would suggest trying InputHelper as well; InputHelper allows you to enter keyboard/mouse events through qcop messages (and thus, through KeyHelper). This is useful for creating keyboard/mouse macros.

- ashikase
anpachi, gifu, japan
For those of us unfortunate enough to not being able to read Japanese, it would be really helpful if someone like you, ashikase, could translate some of the documentation for KeyHelper and InputHelper to English. I am a happy user of KeyHelper, but I am sure I am not using all of the program's potential. And InputHelper sounds like it could be very helpful for me too.
/Jesper, Denmark
Just read through the tutorail that ashikase posted and was shocked by the number of things that KeyHelper can do, I plan to write a howto after I try out some of the tips and tricks.

Hopefully will get started on it tonight otherwise tomorrow.

Note will probably take a few days to finish as some of the Japanese is over my level

I've posted the first part of my Introduction to KeyHelper in the howto section. The link is Introduction to KeyHelper

Any feedback appreciated - especially mistakes or errors in the howto.

I'll post more as I come to grips with the power of KeyHelper.

Great, thanks! smile.gif
To make Japan more readable, try this URL
It is excite japan translation page, translated itself biggrin.gif
Try, paste KeyHelper URL ....
A very good translated Japan HOwTo :idea:
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