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Full Version: can't get big picture
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hello all, i've had my 860 for a few weeks and have watched this board for a few months.
My problems is trying to back up to see what relates to what ie. what roms are based off what? where are they at? what is the diffrence between qtopia and opie are they the window managers or the whole X system. pdaxrom is a port of X11?

I hate to repeat questions that have been answered before, but searching them out has proved difficult at best.

If i try and write a beginer "over view" will a few gurus watch this and correct me where i have went wrong? I'm want to write a guide for migrating to a zaurus from a linux PC. Plus other use full info.
Cory L
which packages are compatiable with which?
Qtopia is a QT based environment by Trolltech and is the default GUI, running on top of an Embeddix Linux kernel. it is not a Window manager but a complete system which does not use X. For GUI apps to run, they have to be designed for Qtopia. The Cacko QT ROM and tkcROMs are variants of the default Qtopia and kernel supplied.

OPIE is an Open Source project, forked from Qtopia a while back. The OpenZaurus kernel comes with OPIE. Many apps from OPIE will work with Qtopia and vice versa because they are similar.

To run X on Qtopia, you need something called X/Qt. This runs X on top of Qtopia (unsure about OPIE) and any X applications compiled for it. I run GIMP mainly.

If you want to do away with Qtopia (or OPIE), you can have a pure X workstation by installing the pdaXrom. It will not run Qtopia apps but X apps compiled for it, but it makes the Z more like a UNIX laptop.

X/Qt and pdaXrom are not really compatible, but I run pdaXrom GIMP on X/Qt fairly well (one plugin causes a problem).

All these environments are installable by flashing a new ROM, except X/Qt which is a set of packages to install on Qtopia.

I hope this clarifies more than it confuses
Much thanks, i'm on pdaxrom now. Where does debian fall in? Is pdaxrom is a branch of X11? You can port desktop to the zaurus pdaxrom with the cross compilier, is it gnome or KDE specific? Where are the feeds for these? What id the feed on this site for? I feel like i'm still missing out on a lot.
Any specifics or general data or links to post with good info would be great, I will try to boil this post down to a overview type how-to, at least for the c series.
I'm not up to coding yet but maybe i can document some stuff on my way there.
I believe that pdaXrom is debian derived (I could be wrong), you can port GNOME or GTK apps to pdaXrom, you can also port KDE or QT apps to pdaXrom. But you cannot run KDE or GNOME desktops, they are too big and would be too slow.

The feed for pdaXrom apps is at

Don't worry, you'll pick it up in time
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