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Full Version: mplayer on SL-5500, sharp rom 3.10
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Okay, after getting networking and a bunch of other junk setup on my Zaurus(thanks to everyone who has posted on this forum and the search feature on it), I started messing around trying to get mplayer working so I could play videos and an oddly encoded MP3(Sharp's player just outputs goofy crackling noises).

Anyways, I went ahead and installed this mplayer on my Z:

The install went flawlessly, but when I pop open a command prompt and type in: mplayer name-of-mp3.mp3, no matter what MP3 I choose(even those that are successfully played by Sharp's player), I get no sound, just a few pops. The MP3 is properly loaded, tag info is extracted and displayed and a percentage is displayed that steadly increases. But no sound.

Video playback is the same as far as MPEG1 files go. Sound is just pops, but I can see the video itself(although the video plays EXTREMELY slow... slower than Sharp's player).

I've searched all over the 'net for info about this and failed to find anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

-added- video playback is smooth when the -nosound option is fed to mplayer
Hmm, the sound problem must just be something to do with that specific compile of mplayer. I found another one here with working sound:

So.. problem solved.

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