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Full Version: flaky SD card
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I just noticed that my 128Mb SD card (branded Nytech - I do not know which is the actual manifacturer) has some problem: sometimes it remounts readonly, other times it is not seen at all. I never used it before, this is why I
wasn't aware of it. Did anyone have the same behaviour?
I am running Cacko Daniela on a 860.
ciao, .mau.
That is odd. I would backup everything and format it a few times with a card reader. and see what happens
There was a long thread about Zaurus SD problems a month or two ago. It's a common problem. Try searching the forums for more info.
I searched the archives.
This was not useful:
- mount /dev/mmcda1 -o remount,sync,noatime (but maybe I have the wrong binary for mount: at least /etc/mtab does not show remount)
The other option, namely fsck /dev/mmcda1, stops because it does not find, and fsck.vfat complains
for a I/O error.Needless to say, mkfs.vfat does not work too: "Attempting to create a too large file system".
I had used the card on my digital camera, so I know it works... maybe Z is too picky?

ciao, .mau.
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