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Full Version: Where to find fdisk?
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The fdisk ipk that is being linked to from the Zaurus Software Index is gone.

Where can the fdisk ipk for Zauruses be found?
fdisk comes as part of the armutils package.

You can get it from here:

Here's a full list of the utilities it provides:

usr/bin/arch          usr/bin/csplit  usr/bin/join      usr/bin/namei      usr/bin/sdiff     usr/bin/tsort

usr/bin/bc            usr/bin/diff    usr/bin/ldd       usr/bin/nl         usr/bin/skill     usr/bin/unexpand

usr/bin/bunzip2       usr/bin/diff3   usr/bin/less      usr/bin/od         usr/bin/snice     usr/bin/unzip

usr/bin/bzcat         usr/bin/expand  usr/bin/lessecho  usr/bin/paste      usr/bin/split     usr/bin/vmstat

usr/bin/bzip2         usr/bin/fmt     usr/bin/lessfile  usr/bin/pr         usr/bin/sum       usr/bin/watch

usr/bin/bzip2recover  usr/bin/fold    usr/bin/lesskey   usr/bin/ptx        usr/bin/tac       usr/sbin/fdisk

usr/bin/cksum         usr/bin/getopt  usr/bin/lesspipe  usr/bin/readlink   usr/bin/tcsh

usr/bin/cmp           usr/bin/gpg     usr/bin/lspgpot   usr/bin/rev        usr/bin/tempfile

usr/bin/comm          usr/bin/gpgv    usr/bin/mawk      usr/bin/run-parts  usr/bin/top

- Mark
Or you can get fdisk on its own here:
Thank you for your answers.
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