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Full Version: Is this possible or practical? mount an nfs ram disk as swap
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Wish the zaurus 5600 had more memory. I know that it is possible to create ram disks in linux. My desktop systems have memory to spare and the zaurus can connect via 802.11b. I dont know if it is possible to nfs export a virtual ram drive though. If it is possible, and a swap device can be created for the zaurus this way, then the I/O should be faster but I dont know it the 802.11b will be a bottleneck. At any rate, it might extend the life of my SD card. Has anybody tried this?
Unless I'm horribly, horribly mistaken, there's no way that the storage on the desktop end would be the bottleneck. WiFi is only 10 Mbps, which is about 1.25 MBps. I don't know about yours, but my hard drive can transfer at about 8 MBps. Also, in my experience the Zaurus can't come close to getting the full speed of WiFi.
I wouldn't try it. For various reasons like timouts, data corruption etc, etc.

Rather repartition your Z, 48 MB RAM and 16 for / works quite nicely.
The zaurus 5600 can be repartitioned? Please share how.
I dont know if it is possible to nfs export a virtual ram drive though.

Probably: it has to sit someplace in the filesystem hierarchy on the PC, so it should be possible to export its mount point.

I know at least one Webpal hacker did swapping via NFS over 10BaseT Ethernet. He had to do a kernel patch on the Webpal,, though (iirc). A google search for "webpal nfs swap" should turn up a page describing it.

Thanks for the tip. I found the webpal howto. and have gotten it to work. So far it seems to be faster than SD card swapfile. I dont know how to benchmark though. I created a 20 meg ramdisk on my linux server, nfs exported it to the zaurus and used it as a swapfile.

I am wondering how high I can push this. Are the memory problems on the Z a thing of the past?

Will keep testing
yes, of course you can do this.
I've run with diskless systems in the past -- but they were all hardwired.
with wifi, I'd think that you'd be really asking for trouble -- swap is
important. I'd recommend to just buy a (largeR) CF. They're cheap.

I only need it for Opera which always complains of being out of memory. It seems to be working fine now.
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