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Full Version: Where to buy the Zaurus C series in Singapore?
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i am looking to invest in a Zaurus C series...anyone kwno of any shops in singapore which carry these models?
No shops carry it cos it's officially released in Japanese only and there's no official English version. All the fellas who own the C series in S'pore got it from external sources. Also, note that Sharp Singapore will not be able to support you for servicing, etc.

But I say go ahead anyway! biggrin.gif
how much and where did u get one?
Mine was bought in a shop in Japan itself. If you are not going there or don't know anyone going there, then you're left with the Internet. Several possibilities there, but I have no experience with these people. The names that come up frequently include:


There's also

Check out
know anyone in singapore who is willing to part their beloved c760 or c860? love to deal.
celtron has one of the coolest price (I think around 60,500 yen without shipping for a SL-C3000) around this region. However, unless you're a Japanese or somebody who knows japanese, you may need them to convert the OS to English.

A pal of mine who checked this out in tokyo last week told me that if they rip the OS into English, it would also rip the warranty!!! I don't how true is this but how ironic, no?
QUOTE(kumar @ Apr 19 2004, 02:00 PM)
know anyone in singapore who is willing to part their beloved c760 or c860? love to deal.

want a c700 tongue.gif

less then 1 month old.
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