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Full Version: Transporting Z's Daily
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As one of the few who is waiting to pick-up a US release of the 6kW a thought crossed my mind: How do people carry around their Z's and the addons?

Another user mentioned that it's not cool to have a PDA-sized computing device where you have to lug around the unit and all the peripherials (SD/CF/adatper/cables/extra battery/AC/etc.) and I guess I agree.

I would have liked to get a hard case like the rhino-skin one but I'm pretty sure the 6k won't fit. Do you just stick the Z and the SD/CF cards in your briefcase?
cant help you with the 6 but i carry my 5 on my hip and my cards in my pocket. not the cf wifi though, i found out that one is semi-fragile and gets banged up in pocket.
760 in my bag. I don't carry the rest daily. Everything is always in it, SD card and 4gb microdrive. I do take the usb cable though, it's damned handy to drag and drop files onto the Z from any windows machine.
Most of the time I don't need all my perphs so the Z is in "thepouch" along with the WiFi card. The pouch is then on my belt, in my coat pocket or cargo pant pocket.

When I do need to lug perphs, I use a fanny pack.
That's a "bum bag" to all of us non-americans wink.gif (i do wish some words were standardised - hehe)
I wear Docker's Mobile Pants. The Z slips into a hidden pocket on the leg. I have a camera bag that I carry a DC/AC converter, AC power supply, and Wirless card in. I use it for Wardriving. Guess I need to get a cigarette lighter adapter someday.
speaking of adapters, I biught a battery extender for my 5500 that uses 4AA batteries for when I'm at school and it works ok to recharge the battery but I found out the hard way that you can't run the Z with it like you can a regular power source. The problem I decided is that the batteries don't supply enough amperage and so the battery in the Z crept lower and lower until it reached a point where it crashed so hard I had to reflash it and thank goodness it still works OK now. Although it did fry my car adapter when I tried to charge it after that. I think modifying it to run 8 batteries with 2 parralel sets af 4 batteries in series may give it enough juice but does anyone know of a better version of this type of thing?
When I slip the Z in my pocket it pulls my pants down so far I have to keep pulling them up! I need to lose about 30 lbs then I can comfortably toat around my Z ;>

I use an old diabetes blood tester case. It works great and attaches to my belt. Now my pants don't fall down ! ;> HA!
Being female my zaurus goes in my purse, all extras (wireless card or 1gb cf, card reader, keyboard and headphones) fit nicely in a pencil case which also fits in the purse...
I have been using this one for a while:

Fits Z, IR keboard (or 2 - 4000 Mah battery packs), head phones, WiFi card, 10/100 card, bluetooth card, and CF Card.
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