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Full Version: XTide: Ocean tide predictor
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Has anyone tried compiling XTide for their Zaurus?
Or, more accurately, has anyone ported the command-line version (tide) or web-server version (xttpd) for one of the Qtopia-based ROMs?
If not, can someone who has their cross-compiler environ setup give it a quick try and see if this is viable for a C-x60 Zaurus?

-peter (=
So I answered my own question. Or at least the second half. I would still be interested in learning if anyone else has actually packaged this application up for the zaurus, but in the meantime I have cross-compiled it for my Z. It works very nice, espeically the web server version from Opera.

The attached archive contains the arm compiled binaries of tide and xttpd, and a shell wrapper for both called xtide. In addition to those binaries, you will need to download the harmonics file and make sure you have the zlib and png libraries. Following the trick from another thread, you can create a symbolic link to libqte for the png library:
ln -s /home/Qtopia/lib/ /usr/lib/

XTide is was written and Copyright by David Flater. I created the xtide shell wrapper, but all other portions of this app are not my work.

-peter (=
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