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Full Version: Kino2 stops responding after a few minutes on Cacko ROM?
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It seems that Kino2 (0.2 and 0.3, from what I can tell) locks up all input after having played a file for a certain amount of time - when playing an xvid/mp3 .avi today I tried to shut it down after ~10min and had to remove the battery to regain control of my 860.

I was playing a 512/64 kbps file in fullscreen with Kino2 default settings, and the 860 was in PDA mode (screen turned around, QTopia rotated). No response from keyboard, screen tap, HW keys or turning back the screen...

Cacko ROM 1.21 freshly installed, no config changes made except turning off screen dimming and setting screensaver delay to 30min (why can't it be set any higher?). No programs installed except the ZPorts versions of ScummVM, libSDL and libMAD.

Hints? Ideas? All I can think of is doing a pause/play every couple of minutes, but it's very annoying and easy to forget... :?
Am I the only one with this problem? :?
I have had a number of bad crashes with it, i.e. the battery had to come out.

I also appear not to be able to play any files except wmv files (done with mencoder wmv1 video, mp3 audio) and other codec either results in a frame every 1-10 seconds or a total lockup. The behavior is on 1.21 and was on 1.20 too, not sure if it's the ROM (I would doubt it) or mplayer itself under Kino2.
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