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Full Version: Advice on where to go from the SL-5500
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I'm probably going to answer my own question but I currently have an SL-5500. I'm running the current Sharp ROM. I have a wireless network at home and do have wireless CF card, but I seldom if ever use my Z for connecting to the Net as I have a laptop that is much more user and ergonomically friendly. I really use my Z as an organizer for the most part synching with Outlook 2000. I also use QashMoney for recording checkbook activity, etc. I toy around with Python, Linux, etc. but am by no mean proficient in any of these disciplines. All in all, my Z does what I need it to do. I can't say I'm unhappy with how it serves me currently.

In spite of that though I feel like I'm running archaic hardware what with the SL-6000, C-series etc. being available.

I'd be interested in the advice of others regarding ROMs and/or hardware platforms.
If it ain't broke - don't fix it! smile.gif

I agree with that and you did answer your own question, if you are only using it as a PDA (ie. PIM/sync) there is no point upgrading for you right now if you are happy.

If you "feel" like you are running archaic hardware, I think you should de-sensitise yourself to the marketing machine. ;-)

Heed Allan's advice, he speaks wisdom.

(But if wiffy wifi, and bluetooth are as irrelevant to you as they are to me, a C series IS nice and would probably make your laptop as redundant as my old one.)
As the others said: there is no reason to switch...
But I was really happy with my SL5500 as well and did switch to the C860 (didn't like the white colour of the C760) and never looked back:
I'm using the C860 much more for surfing and multimedia apps than the SL5500 because of the larger battery, the remote and the greater resolution that makes browsing much more convenient. I had a 512MB card in the SL5500, a 1GB microdrive and an ext. battery - so I could have done the same things as with the C860 - I just didn't because it wasn't as easy and natural as on the clamshell.
So your user profile could actually change with a new device...

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