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Full Version: The ZUG made the news
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Along with the SL6000
Yet everyone in the news still seems really sceptical. Spencer from Sharp has already confirmed it over at the DevNet forums and offroadgeek physically saw it and spoke to Sharp and IBM reps about it.

I guess the pictures were removed for bandwidth reasons, to avoid the slashdot effect, since the article has been linked from some very big websites (The number of guests viewing the site is still very high)
Actually I was requested to remove the pictures and re-word the article. Apparently Sharp Japan saw it and was pissed. Oh well... the pictures are still on the server.

I can understand them being annoyed at the prototype drawing being leaked, but the SL-6000 was being demoed at a technology conference.

So now everything is still rumours?!?!?
I guess that's the thing... it wasn't really being demoed at the conference. They had a 5600 at the booth, and when people would have 1 on 1 meetings with the IBM/Sharp folks, the Sharp people *might* say 'oh, and I have this prototype unit that I can show you.... this is how it could be used in your company....'.

So technically, I suppose it was a *leak*.

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