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Full Version: Exchange Connectivity
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I did some searches on the forums but could not really come up with anything.

If I buy an sl-6000 I want to be able to access my exchange server.

Has anyone gotten pptp to work on a zaurus with a microsoft pptp vpn server? I did some googling but I only found pptp clients for the zaurus with out MPPE support. I deally I would like to locate a hotspot, create a VPN to my MS server then access stuff internally.

Next I want to be able to sync it directly with exchange. I do not want to use intelsync. I want to hit a button and it contact the exchange server directly and pull everything down. Would the solution be to use evolution on the zaurus and get the exchange connector? Does evolution work on a zaurus?

Finally i want to use rdesktop on my zaurus. Does rdesk work correctly on it? I know theKompany has released a product called WinConnect Z to let the zaurus connect to a TS server. I rather use a free product.

Any thoughts or ideas? I hope I am not being redundant with my post.
I don't know about all that Microsoft stuff, I don't use it. Maybe their PDAs can. But as for the Zaurus doing it, don't hold your breath.

As for Evolution working, not sure but I don't think so, it didn't last time I checked about 6 months ago.

Rdesktop should work.

Sorry it's a bit vague.

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