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Full Version: dropped my 5500... can you replace the screen?
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Hi, I just got my zaurus sl 5500 a week or two ago, and I just today dropped it. After not too far of a drop, the screen cracked and now the upper half portion of the screen does not respond to touch. Does anyone know if I can order a replacement screen or anyway to go about fixing the problem? Thanks in advance!
Geepers! I just got an email back from tech support, the cost for repairs are
$238 for parts
$95 for labor
$10 for shipping
$343 total estimate
... it was a sl 5500, it cost me $250...
Moral: Don't drop your zaurus!
Once again... does anyone know where I can get a replacement screen? Or any other method to fix it?
I don't know where you can specifically buy a replacement screen... you could always try ebay for parts... I've heard of a person who bought a Z on ebay for $10, though I don't know exactly what was wrong with it.

If all else fails, tigerdirect has 5500's for $179 (refurbished). You could always pick up one of those and keep your broken one for parts.

Or try to find a 5000d.... it uses the same screen.

best of luck!

Are the screens the same between the 5000d 5500 and 5600? I dropped something on my SL-5600, and got quoted the same price as above from Sharp to fix it. Since I effectively voided the warranty anyway...
Appearently you can use a Dell Axim replacement screen with your Z.

See this tutorial:
Looks pretty straightforward, assuming you are comfortable with disassembling your Z. From experience, there are a number of small parts and the outer shell does not come apart smoothly, but it WILL come apart in one piece if you have patience.

Unfortunately, the source mentioned is currently out of stock, but expecting more to arrive.
All-in-all, the info given on that page is a seriously cool find!
Oops... forgot to log in. :?
Anyway back to the issue of what's in stock - I'm seeing a lot of glasstops for the Compaq 36xx / 37xx listed on EBAY. The images suggest that this unit is very similar to the Zaurus digitizers. Do anyone actually have a Compaq PDA that could measue the size of the display and let us know how this compares to the Zaurus?
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